Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Who's Log is this?

Hello, to all the Jammers of Jamaa! It's XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

Well, today I was strollin' around our magnificent world of JAMAA, and I wondered into the Flag Shop and saw a mysterious diary/journal/log in the bottom of the flag shop..

I began to think of some questions, raging in my mind.

Who do you think wrote this?
Is it a shaman?
Mira? Zios?
What is written in it?
And what bird did that feather come from..?
Why is the cash register left open?
Did phantoms break into the register?
If they did, why didn't they steal the gems?

You can comment with your answers!


  1. The bird feather is a quill pen :)
    There is a jar of ink next to it o3o


  2. obviously the feather is from a Ostridge, i get the vibe his name was BAWB, and im pretty sure thats justin beibers diary. And ( Yes i opened the cash register ) Im lazy to earn gems okay?
    My magical rainbow pony named rainbowdash is calling me now :3

    I ish not gna tell you who i is, CAN CHU GUESS?
    :3 Now thats a mystery.

    ~Mystery Jammah~

    P.s Clue- Im very crazy.


    1. are you sheepy mc fluffin stuff the wacky wolf tamimg lion plushie?

  3. I just have something to say. I think I figured out the Zios mystery.

    If people sleep by the crushed statue the pahntoms will come out, right? Well, if we have enough people I think Zios may come out and be freed. Then I think Mira may come down to the Temple and destroy the Phantoms with Zios. Thats only what I think and it seems logic. Please reply!!

  4. Oh byt he way I want XxFreeSpiritxX to reply. Not any crazy people. o3o

  5. no offense but this is just a joke ok no hard feelings XD ok first, how did u know there was something written inside? and of course the aj makers wrote it XD


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