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Well, this is a page for all parties that will be going on animal jam.

Gingerpawz's Lucy's (Her Dog)'s Party!

Lucy's Birthday Party!

Lucy's Birthday is on June 26th, So We're throwing her a party!
The party is on June 23rd, The Saturday before her Birthday!


What: Lucy's 4th Birthday Party
When: June 23
Time: 3:00 PM Eastern Time
Where: gingerpawz's den

Dates: May
Time: 3:30 - 4:30 AJS time
Where: Pac10's Den
Theme: Jamaasian Meeting
Host: Pac10

Date: Wednesday, May 30th
Time: 6:00 - 6:30pm AJS time
Where: imacooldude123's den
Theme: water park
Host: imacooldude123

Date: Monday, June 4th
Time: 3:00 - 4:00pm AJS time
Where: JammerGirl27546's den
Theme: Birthday Party!
Host: JammerGirl27546

Date: Saturday, June 2nd
Time: 10am AJS time
Where: Ecoates' den
Theme: Fun Land of Jamaa
Host: Ecoates


  1. What would 4:30 Central Time be for Eastern Time?

  2. Did I miss the party? Are you sure because there was literally no one there at 5:30.

    1. I don't know, I had to go to volleyball practice so I missed it :<

    2. I do volleyball too and yay I'm in central time so just one hour after wht ever time it is

    3. Volleyball is a lot of fun. And I have a party coming up, just to let you know. We should talk some time. Please message me over A.j or something. My user name: ak1000. Thanks! Have a good day.

  3. i have a weekend party in my den every friday saturday and sunday starting at 6:00 pm blogger time on friday

    1. Everyone invited? I have a few friends who would like to start playing A.j and want to be a Jammer of the week. I just told them keep dreaming.! Because it's an amazing honor to become Jammer Of The Week.

  4. Is it too soon to show Lovelost's party?

  5. This is what Lovelost said on their site:
    Time: 4:45 PM Eastern Standard Time
    Date: April 14 (Saturday)
    Server: Nile
    Room: LoveLost's Den

  6. Sorry I comment on this page so much but I'm hosting a party. It's a 500 views 'z' party
    This is the information
    Date: Saturday, April 7th
    Server: Himalaya
    Place: Nachtdervolfe12345's den (it's always unlocked)
    Time: 6:00 P.M. Eastern Time
    Theme: Randomness and you must never use 's' you can only use 'z' when using plural words

    1. er... I'm going to have to postpone it until tomorrow.

  7. hey what time would the time for lucy's party be in nebraska well around nebraska plz tell me hey if you want to tlk to me my email is fyi

  8. FreeSpirit,
    I'm sorry, but I think you did a one little mistake.
    You typed that your birthday party is going to be on 2011 October 15th?
    2O11? Then it means that it was already.
    I'm confused or maybe I am wrong :L.

  9. Ima coming! detective09

  10. You fixed that mistake, but you did other one: you typed that you joined AJ 2012 October 13th. That means you didn't joined yet & in future you will ;DD

  11. this is deniz60427 and the end to my comment here it is i got a birthday party here is date and info: date 12-24-2012 at deniz60427 den world elbe 10:00 am eastern time

    deniz60427 signing out p. s there might be a santa

    1. hi this is deinz60427 again and NO ONE CAME!!! i feel so ashamed cause that day was MY REAL BIRTHDAY SO SHOO PEOPLE WHO DONT CARE AT ALL!! IF YOU READ THIS PLEASE REPLY >:( DENIZ forget it! im am siging out

    2. im sorry i missed it i was at my grandmas!! :( i totally wanted to come! add me im horseluvver23!!!

    3. thanks no one came to my party that day i felf horribale my birthday was ok in reAL LIFE im hosting a constest at my den soon maybe ok my use is deniz60427 bye and horseluvver23 i will make shure to add you right now!

  12. ok i missed all those parties /).- what da heck waz i thinking!! i should have came, but i didn't sorry guys! also im dragon91059 add me on A.J.

    1. this is me Dragon91059 saying happy birthday to Deniz60427! tho im still late /).-

    2. its ok my use is deniz60427 like my birthday was spichal to me and it was i planned it all night long tho my hard work never gets payed back :(:( :( :( ~>~

  13. Lol i didnt even know this person and i have a few things on my blog that she has 2

  14. lol lol i'm lol brored lolllllll
    i'm goldie10123y6 and i'm boared llllllloooooooooooolllllllll


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