Beta Times

Hello Jammers!

A lot of you guys are curious about beta.
I found some pictures for you!

Before you say that I copied LoveLost's Animal Jam Beta Pictures, please note that we found some of the same sources, which I will site.

Trading/Dressing Beta

Here is early early beta changing and dressing. Notice the pattern and eye symbols have changed. The background is also a simple brown oval/rectangle- - not wood. The clothes are basic and all non member.

Here is a later version.
First off notice the different color palet, which Animal Jam had up until about December 2011 if I remember correctly. Also notice that at the top is says our name, but it doesn't have the coating/ fancy name stuff members can do. They also have the 'clear' option, meaning to clear off all of the items your animal is wearing. I wish we still had that button. Take note of the larger, blue mouse Animal Jam used. Now it is just the default one depending wether you have a mac or Windows.
Also notice the trade button, the logo is different. It is a shirt and table flip instead of the two arrows switching around that it is now.
The 'sort by' option changed, too. Now it just says 'Sort By' instead of adding the '...'

I got all this pictures and information from:

Jamaa Township

Here is the upper portion of the Jamaa Township. As you already have seen, the name tags have changed to solid white. An extra red flag has been placed. And the controls up at the top, some are shaded grey and some are not. I wonder why..

Here is the lower portion of the Jamaa Township. Notice the Achievements have changed. The news update board looks like a large gem.. 
Here is lower Jamaa township, the buildings have changed. Notice the Black and white top hat, this color of item has been removed. They still have the black and white top hat with the red ring, but not this one.

Jam Mart Clothing

Here was the first page of the Jam Mart Clothing. You may recognize a lot of these items. The changing colors option didn't appear until after you clicked on the item. The Viking helmet, wings, Necklace, and skull has came out. What do you think about the Tiki mask and top hat?

Whoa! Skullies! Yes, the cheapest item ever in the Jamaa and the first tail item, until they were removed from the game. The pirate beard, princess necklace, flower bracelet, Elf bracelets are all still in stores. The  leaf necklace has not been re-released yet.

Here is beta Jam Mart clothing. Nothing has really changed.

Beta Dens

Here is a bad, quick picture of a Beta Den in Jamaa 2010. They were 3 levels with ladders.
Notice how they have the 'picture' option in the control.

Temple of Zios

Temple of zios.. the Gaming symbol has changed. Also the statue is the middle of zios no longer exists, instead a crashing of the den item - Zios Sculpture.

Here is beta Chamber of knowledge, nothing has really changed except for the tikis on the mat have been made lighter.

Crystal Sands
You must of at one point heard, 'I wish they brought the old beach back', referring to this beta crystal sands. It was much different, they didn't have water slides and it was more of a real beach with no docks or anything. Sorry I didn't get pictures of the full Crystal Sands.

I got all these pictures from:

Here is another Great Animal Jam introduction to beta video that I've posted before, I won't take pictures because she explains it for herself:

Thanks Sagwasunshine!

Hopefully I can get more information! I hope you enjoyed!


  1. Cool! In the first picture, notice how the eye thing is different! Also, you can't get "Mate" in your name anymore. :L

  2. Fun little beta fact: You know how if you can't get into jamaa your sent to coral canyons? Well you used to be sent to mount shiveer. That used to be either beta or near beta. :) Also, AJ moderators had a green chat bubble. I think they still do though. I couldn't actually see the moderator becuase he was being mobbed (LOL)

  3. notice how there is a witchcraft sign on the floor in the chamber of secrets i thought that was kind of..weird :/

  4. Hey FreeSpirit, what are beta times? I think it means better, but it's you answer to this. Let me know when you can!

    1. Beta times are when AJ was being tested, so that AJHQ could sort out most glitches before the game was released. Beta items are items that were released during those days and (most of the time) have not been re-released.

  5. It's like the rares we have now, were there regular in Jamaa.

  6. i am checking the floor in chambers of zios now.

  7. Cool!! I wish beta was back

  8. i do 2... but i got lots of them! for proof im birdy12447 :3

  9. i mean... i do to.... but i got lot's of them! Like a mech,blue worn,beta blanket, and two legends and many more! =3

  10. Ahhh... the Beta Times... I was a nonmember then,and I say the skullies!Im firewolf66!

  11. i wish i got to see it... it seems so beutifu;! btw im layla7364 contact me please!

  12. I want them to bring back all the cool beta items so people don't think they are superior over others. :D Plus its really stinkin COOL!!! :D ~Ninja4977 The banananamannnnnnn :D

  13. I Remember being in the beta times i miss the old beach also D:

  14. i didnt look like much scaming was going on i wish it was like that today :(
    my long black collar and long yellow collar just got scamed

  15. i was not in the beta days i just joined in september so i have a blog refthepanda2005


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