(Frequently Asked Questions)

Hello Jammers!
Here I just want to clear up things that you may be asking!

Things you should know about AJF:

Q: Why is it called Animal Jam Freedom?
A: I believe in freedom for everything. I am XxFreeSpiritxX aren't I? I think animal jam is a place FULL of freedom, where you can be any type of animal, color pattern, wear whatever you want and so on and so forth. I think freedom is great, because I also highly believe in creativity and imagination, and that is where freedom just starts.

Q: What does SYIJ stand for?
A: SYIJ in a saying I made up, standing for SEE YOU IN JAMAA! As a little cute good bye for AJF ^.^

Q: How did you get so 'rare'?
A: I have only been on since October 2011, and my first 'rare' item was a heart locket. I admit I was quite determined, as well as addicted. I also admit that I did frequently receive gifts which I tend to not trade, as well as receive some amazing over trades. But I want you jammers to know that AJ ISN'T just about rares.

Q: Can you make a banner for me?
A: I do not use mybannermaker.com for these. I use keynote, which is a slideshow program on a Mac (Apple) computer. Once I am done making the 'slide' I take a screenshot. The reason I use keynote is for all the extra tools it provides. I have been asked a lot, and yes my keynote did break down for awhile. I am not going to make any for rude,begging jammers. I have only made one for my friend, MLDB. I am thinking about having a mini drawing for who ever wants a banner made. But these banners take lots of screenshots, photo editing, etc.

Q: Can you be my buddy?
A:Well, I have been getting quite a few buddy requests saying "I'm your biggest fan!" "Please add me!" "Let's be Buddies!"
And I want to make it fair for everyone...
BUT...I have 101 good friends already :|

So please add me on XxFreeSpiritxX2 and I will be on as much as possible!

Q: Why did I start Animal Jam Freedom?
A:Well, I really enjoy being creative and writing. I felt that I could do better then most bloggers do (no offense), and that I wanted to be heard. If you've read my posts, I do have a big opinion that not everyone will agree with. I also wanted to provide Jammers with facts, questions, and glitches about animal jam that most people don't know about. I wanted AJF to be a community, that is easy, fun and everyone is welcome into.

Things about Animal Jam:

Q: When and what was 'Beta'?
A: Beta is the time when animal jam was just beginning. From September 2010 - Around Mid october 2010. Animal Jam looked very different then, had a different den with only 3 lands. Some items came out then such as Top hats, Gazelles horns, worn blankets, Non member bat wings and such. If you want to see and learn more about beta times, Check out lovelosts beta post: Click here!

Q: What are 'Rare' Items?
A: Rare items are items that are not sold in stores, and are only a limited selection of them. Some rare items are more common, and others only 2 or 3 exist of, such as orange beard. No one can really decide what the rarest item in Jamaa is. Most people think it is the best dressed 'blanket' that only 1 is known of, the orangish color. Cair owns it, but he switched to an anonymous user that no one knows of.


  1. I have a question. If Animal Jam isn't all about rares as you said "But I want you jammers to know that AJ ISN'T just about rares." Then why do you care so much about your rares?

  2. I don't care about rares as much as you think, Magic. Yes, they are fun, but I could recycle them for all I care. I didn't publish your other comment, and if you actually wanted me to do the banner for you, you could be a little nicer. If you are only going to make hurtful comments, please stop viewing my blog.

    1. Hey Free!! I really like this but... if you can do me a favor (which you probably won't do but that's okay) can you tell gingerpawz to add me once she ever has a buddy slot? Please... she's my best friend's buddy (in real life) and she's as nice as yoU!! Please please please! :D

  3. Wow, I've been playing one month longer than you, but you are so much rarer than me xD

    1. That's crazy. I've been playing since like, Augest 30, 2011, and you both have more rares than I do! I actually thank my best friend for giving me a rare or two so I could start out. ^.^

    2. Been on since July 2011,thought all i do is sit in a den talking to friends XD

  4. Magic, This is her blog copiers are just JEALOUS get over it -.- get your own ideas!

  5. Darkbraken? Skyre? Freespirit? Whatever your name is now? ... It's been ages.............. Good god, I can hardly see that Darkbraken I used to know through all that. Wonderful work.

    'cause you ARE Dark, right? It would be freaky if all this meant you weren't...

    Animal Jam is stuck 'cause of stupid Adobe Flash.

  6. @OwlEye Actually, I'm not Dark. Darkbraken is Colour54 I believe, she is my good friend. She posts on animaljamfiery.blogspot.com which I actually created. Lol, sorry for the mix up. Colour hardly comes on anyways D:


  7. How did you cut out your animal jam horse what paint did you use please answer!!!!

  8. Why are people so obsessed with rares? Like, Aj isn't about rares, it's about having fun and learning. Why do people think Aj is only about rares and trading?!? All that leads about to bullying because another jammer is rarer then you, like saying they scammed all their stuff when they actually didn't! The down-turn with being so rare can lead to people cheating and scamming witch is ott (Over The Top)! Please reply back, Detective09

  9. umm hi i'm a new blogger for animaljam i wanted to know if there are any tips on how to make a banner? and please give more helpfull tips thanks for readings this if you do!!!



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