Friday, June 08, 2012

Frog Plushies

Hello, to all the Jammers of Jamaa! It's XxFreeSpiritxX Here.
I'm sorry I didn't get to post earlier, a summer storm cut off my internet connection :c


Frog Plushies are now available at the Summer Carnival, Yet I don't even think most of us have gotten the other plushies due to the high prices :/
Also, they added the 'Animal Jam Outfitters' logo and a link to buy the hummingbirds on the Humming Bird picture.

Here is a strange glitch, if you notice that it says I have wood floor flooring out, yet it's the coral canyons.

Same here...

And here...

They added new butterfly buttons to go to the pet finder.

If you click on them, you link to the pet finder.

I updated the Epic Den of the Week page, too.

There is also an 'I see' poll below on the right hand sidebar, I have been hearing complaints of seeing falling pictures of Frogs inside Ice cubes, (I don't know why) so I'm checking how the html is appearing to everyone.

Thanks for reading!
~ XxFreeSpiritxX 

(I need a new signature...)


  1. Why did you delete me i bet it was about gingerpawz if it is you all hate me i just know it so just stop i am getting sick of it i have no friends you guys were my only friends i might aswell quit AJ

  2. i see falling stars!

  3. @Anonymous Lol, I don't know how that happened! :3

  4. xxfreespiritxx i would like to add you im a super big fan my user is deniz60427 iv'e been sending buddy requests to you and neaver become your buddy please add me your friend deniz60427 or on animal jam denizen bye!

  5. Hi I am giving away a free animal jam account because I do not play on it anymore! It is a real account so if you want it you can have it!

    username: Daisyprancer (capital D in Daisy)

    password: animaljam

  6. Can i have your pass since you quit


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