Thursday, June 07, 2012

The wait is over!

Hello, to all the Jammers of Jamaa! It's XxFreeSpiritxX Here.
Hummingbirds are here! It's funny because none of the last newspapers had any hints.
You can only get them along with a one month membership and hummingbird den items in Animal Jam Outfitters.
I think I would rather have lions, 21,000 gems and a three month membership then this.

The summer carnival is finally here!
It's funny how it's separated from regular parties...

When you arrive there, this kind of screen pops up.
Tickets are like gems, but can only be used in the carnival.

Once you get there, it looks like this.

This is where you get the cotton candy..
And it's pretty self-explanatory how to play.

If you check your gems, a ticket icon also appears.

And yes, what we have been waiting for - what items they sell!
Very expensive plushies in the den shop...

And here are previews for more games:

Until you come across the clothing shop!

For now they have member nature necklaces and a non-member lollipop necklace - very high prices.

There is also a drawing station.

And I wonder what is up with these boxes in the middle of the carnival..

Yes, another contest. Based off of my friend, gothheart's idea. (She submitted the idea for pets a wile ago in an older contest) This is pretty cute, but I think AJ thinks we love our pets more then we actually do.

Penguins will be available for non-members! I wasn't expecting this, because they just recently came out.
Unfortunately we have to wait another two weeks :( 
Yay for more den items! We can now have 300 instead of only 200.
Yet that doesn't mean we can put more items in our den, the maximum is still 100 :c

Wow... notice anything different about those items? they are 3-D!
Yes, apparently the least cool items that I never see people really wear are now the rare and popular items this week.. Party hats and chicken hats!
Yes, we know about the very cool golden gloves.
But check out some of the items...
Wow! Bow and arrows haven't changed, though :L

Masks look funny!
And Mech Angel items look shriveled up!

The worn looks different!

Swords now have a different rest position rather then body position...

Freedom capes have a huge shadow on them..

And top hats look fat and awkward!

They are now this way in shops, too.

Adoption week for the daily explorer ~ So check out there blog for that.
And a message from Dr.Tierney about pets!
(You can watch it for yourselves :))

Earlier today, the emotes picture in your chat was working but now it does not...

There is a new princess den item now in Epic Wonders.


Thanks to these great jammers for:
mikey1209- A freedom cape
moonbeam1 -  Blue tail armor
Carson02 - Many plants
53285 - Dragon mask
Avril70 - Rare pigtails
barbiecirl -  Pastel Angel wings


  1. I know!
    I hope its a glitch. I dont like how the items look now :/

  2. -whistles high, then whistles low- WOW! 3D!


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