Monday, June 11, 2012

Rare Pirate Hat!

Hello, to all the Jammers of Jamaa! It's XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

*News Flash*
Hello, Everyone! I'm posting to you at 2am Central Time along with Snowyclaw, who has just informed me about this new shiny and bright Pirate Hat.
This Rare Pirate hat is available on the seventh page in Jam Mart Clothing.
I'm surprised that leaf necklaces, or some type of them didn't come out. I was thinking that a 'Rare Leaf Necklace' would come out, and that's why they raised the price.

A note about the music videos: I can't quite work on them so fast, because my computer keeps on freezing every time I take a screenshot. (No Joke) That explains the lack of pictures in this post. But, if you jamagramed me that you want to be in The Real Slim Shady music video, you will for sure be in it :)

Just to let you guys know, This upcoming Sunday I leave to summer camp until the following Friday, so RodentGp is going to cover for me while I'm gone.
I'd appreciate if someone sent me a few of the rare item Monday then, I'll pay you back.

I'm sorry for such an un-entertaining post, I'll be sure to make it up whenever my computer speeds up.

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