Sunday, June 03, 2012

Giant Giraffe and Glitches*

Hello, to all the Jammers of Jamaa! It's XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

Today the new Giant Giraffe Plushie came in the Conservation Museum!
Yet this massive plushie doesn't follow the giraffe default colors. The default colors are grey bottom and brown spots. Yet only the giant seal and giant wolf follow the default colors.

They also have a new den shop button on the bottom of when you switch dens.

Detective09 discovered if you wear steampunk googles on a giraffe,

The colors are inverted!

Dog26354 discovered that the string on heart lockets go through a horse's neck.

Mikey1209 discovered that when you wear a spike collar on a lion, the bottom spike seems as if it floating.

(Look at the second spike from the left!)

He also discovered that when you wear a spike collar on a seal and dance, the spike collar disappears!

Have any glitches for me? Show me them on animal jam, comment with them, or send them to!

Please check out my late post from yesterday on River Mysteries and Map Glitches. :D


  1. i found a glitch for penguins, if you dance with a leaf or locket it goes in the penguin. please let me show you it.

  2. I found a glitch with a wolf, you need a wolf and an eyeball hat. Any kind will do. Put the eyeball on your wolf, and look at your image in the bottom left corner where you can change animals. You will see tht the top half of the eyeball is not how it should be. XD you'll see it. XD ~ Anakin1190

  3. When i log in often i see nothing not even myself no matter what i do it does not go away only if i log out, its unknown on how it works................

  4. Im doogal ive got many glitches i cant explain,once in a freedom party a guy was in the sky,and in best dressed i often see 2 animals in the same spot (i can explain black animals), also once i had no items but for no worry they were only invisible not scammed so i cant explain my glitches either XD


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