Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A Boring Post ~ Read at your own Risk *

Hello, to all the Jammers of Jamaa! It's XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

Yep, Nothing today which Most likely means an update tomorrow!
Wooden lawn chair in Jam Mart Furniture!
Which can you notice..? They forgot to add the 'New Sign' Silly AJ HQ.
Which is why half the blogs missed to post about this. *facepalm*

Most likely the summer carnival is coming. I'm honestly stoked.
Also, the new non member animal is coming. I have a strong gut feeling it's going to be a crocodile, I have no idea why.

Others things that could possibly come:

  • New Journey Book Page
  • New Party
  • New Items
  • New Contest
  • Re-released rares
  • New Den
  • New Animal
  • New Land
Those were ordered from Most likely to least likely ^-^

Also, I'm thinking of holding a Freedom Party on the night of July 3rd, all night waiting for the answer to the question: Will freedom Items come out? Most of you already say that I should host a party.

Well, 27 for Yes, of course I would come!
7 for Yeah, but I might not come
5 for no thanks.
and 3 for If I want..

So 33 for sure want me too.
5 Don't really.
And 3 are undecided.

So the odds are that I am most likely going to host a party.

I strongly suggest you send in glitches to, we need more glitches!

Sorry for a dull post. Well, blame AJ for not realeasing anything :P

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  1. that's so awesome spirit my birthday is july 3d i will so be there


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