Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Carousel Hat

Hello, to all the Jammers of Jamaa! It's XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

Wow, interesting. I wonder what this looks like on your head.. It's a clothing item. o.o 
Seems like something that is meant to come around Halloween.

 Anywho, the new poll is Do you know what a Shaman is? and will end right when I come back from Summer Camp. So far, most of you know what a shaman is so far. That's good. Either way, I'm planning on posting about what a shaman is with some help and quotes from my friend Snowyclaw.

Speaking on Quotes, we finally have our last page! (I think the blog looks complete now :D) It is a quotes page, inspired from my friend Shawnana98's blog, before she quit and left her blog. (Don't worry, she's back now!) This page is pretty explained, but just a heads up, it's a page of quotes about good things people say about animal jam, and just inspirational quotes in general.

Also, when I'm gone, it's official: rodentGP and TheSafari07 are taking over freedom for six days! (Roughly a week, but whatever) I'm glad I can count on you guys! So if you want your glitch published, and would like to help them out, send your glitches into to:
Thanks guys! It would really help them a lot!

Hold up, 14,000+ views? Wow. I remember when me and General Vonwolf were waiting for 2,000 hits! Again, this is the only thing that held me back from logging out and never coming back, so A big thanks from XxFreeSpiritxX to all the people that are reading me at this very moment. *Round of applause*


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