Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pufferfish Helmet!

Hello Jammers! Its me TheSafari07! Until Friday RodentGP and I will be taking over animal jam freedom! I am honored to help with this blog and i hope XxfreespiritxX has a fun time on her camping trip!
Okay now lets get back to the new item today! In Bahari bargains we have Pufferfish Helmet! Its on the first page and cost 550 gems. It goes along with the pufferfish Spike that came out last week. In my opinion its a neat item!
Aslo in the last post XxfreespiritxX said that if you guys have pictures of glitches or anything animal jam, you can email us!
If you want to email me, its so email me!!
If you want to email RodentGP her email is so make sure to email her too!
One more thing. I have my own blog too! If you want to check that out click here!
I will post more soon! See ya Jammers!!

1 comment:

  1. Like the blog :)
    I'm thinking about making a blog but.. I want to get some more rares first. But I don't want rares.. XD -HarryPotter11327


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