Thursday, June 21, 2012

Huge Update!

Hello Jammers! Its TheSafari07 here! Today is the update, so that means there is a new Volume of the Jamaa Journal! Its actually volume 63!
Here is the first page! YAY penguins are for EVERYONE now!!
Page 2: Talking about the humming bird pack and also a riddle of a new animal coming out! Many people think the animal is a fox. What do you think it could be?
Page 3: The Pet contest. We will have to wait for a few weeks before the pet and the winner is revealed. Also the new Journey book in Crystal sands. When you find all of the objects, you will get a lemonade stand!
Page 4: The Summer Carnival prizes and a arcade sale which you can get all games HALF PRICE!
Page 5: The Monthly member gift and talking about Rare item Monday!
Also at Epic wonders, you can get a Golden Sword. It cost 2,500 gems.
You can get a Star Couch at Jam Mart furniture. It cost 650 gems.
At the summer Carnival, you can get 4th of july style toys! Glad they are for members AND non members too!
Here is the next page of them!
Here is the video i made and put on YouTube of the Penguin Only Party!
I would put the pictures of the Journey book in crystal sands up, but i don't have them all yet. 
Anyway, A very big update! 
See ya later jammers!

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  1. hi this is deniz60427 first comment! anyways
    to find the rest go to parites and find out


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