Saturday, June 02, 2012

River Mysteries and Map Errors

Hello, to all the Jammers of Jamaa! It's XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

Lately I was staring at the map and was wondering about the Jamaa Rivers.

Take a look at the map and notice all the different rivers.
I pointed a red arrow to River #1, a blue arrow to River #2 and a green arrow to River #4.
Here are some things we know for sure:
  • River #1 Starts in an unknown land, that will most likely come out some day (Hopefully)
  • River #2 and River #3 Start way beyond the Jamaa world, and then split into two rivers, one which goes through coral canyons and another which shimmys through Sarepia Forest, the tip of Crystal Sands, and in between Jamaa Township and Temple of Zios
  • There is no clear source of where Crystal Sands gets it's water from
  • Most of the rivers drain out into unknown Oceans
That's the facts for now, but me and pizzadrop have discovered very many map glitches.

Map Glitch #1

River #2 appears to split off under the Chamber of Knowledge, pizzadrop discovered.
 See how it suddenly comes from a cave after traveling underground?
Well, if It goes into the Chamber of Knowledge's basement, pizzadrop noted that their is no way that this basement door could exist in the Chamber of Knowledge:
It would just lead to a river!


Map Glitch #2

On the Sarepia Forest map, It shows no slide, flagshop, flying dock, no connection between the two wooden paths and a mysterious wood ladder to get down to the bottom of Sarepia!

Obviously no other way to get down to the bottom Forest besides the slide and the other ladder.

Here is the connection part which is not shown on the map.

And the flag shop and flying dock which DO exist, yet are not pictured!

Map Glitch/ River Mystery #3

River #1 has suspicious turns that aren't on the map.
It is supposed to appear through out Jamaa more then it does.

Here is River #1 on the Map.

It is supposed to wrap around the back of Apponadale, yet the at Apponadale the background is a praire.

 This is the only shown part of the river.

Once it comes between Jamaa Township and Apponadale, it is supposed to wrap around Jamaa township.

Yet all it does is turn off.

So, there are a few questions here.

  • What are these River Names? (Submit your own name in the comments)
  • Why are they so screwed up in Jamaa?
  • Was there a Jamaa Natural Disaster that changed them and AJ hasn't made a new Map?
  • Does the river REALLY go under the Chamber of Knowledge, or just turn off?
  • What are some other Jamaa Map Problems?
Comment with opinion and more Map Problems!

More will be coming soon!


  1. I've been wondering bout the rivers also for a long time. I mean I can see 5 possible lands. But the rivers just don't show up as they should, they are cut off like you said. It's so weird. If you look at the map, the river that goes under the Chamber of Knowledge, it almost looks like it goes underground until that waterfall in Crystal Sands. That's what I think...River 2 goes behind the Temple of Zios and in front of Sarepia Forest but none of the river shows. And that door in the Chamber of Knowledge, who knows what it's for?? Anyway, there's lots of weird glitches and problems with Jamaa, and it's map, :{

  2. The river does wrap around Jamaa township. Attheplace near horse derby, there's a river. And it leads all the way off the screen :L This might be useless, sorry if this comment was useless :/

  3. well the rivers should lead to new lands, my sis was thinking about a name for a new land. it is Terrian Tundra, Calabar marsh and Plaifana Peninsula. my sis might be onto something


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