Saturday, June 09, 2012

A Quite True 'Beta' Debate!

Hello, to all the Jammers of Jamaa! It's XxFreeSpiritxX Here.
  Supermonkeys is my good friend, She is the one and only non member rhino.
Here is a link to her Animal Jam Fiery blog post introducing herself.

She is a very good writer, and recently posted an article about beta times on Animal Jam Fiery that I'd like to show you.

It reads:

What You Know is a Lie

Supermonkeys here to show you the world.

Lately, people have been saying certain items are "beta".


See, beta, or β, has many uses.

The Beta AJ we all know and miss uses this definition:
     "In computing the term 'beta' is used as (usually) the last pre-release in the Software release life cycle. " -Wikipedia
In Layman's terms, this means the game is tested before it's fully released to the public. This is why Beta AJ is so different and simple compared to AJ now.
If you go around town or such, you will hear, "oh, I traded for a beta green old blanket" or something like that. The term "beta" is used incorrectly.
Saying that a light green old blanket is beta would mean that blanket has more to offer. What, is it gonna wash your car when it comes out for sale again?

I believe people are meaning to say
The light green tiara with a purple gem is discontinued, not beta.
As for the new blanket that everyone fawned over...

If you answered C) Not Beta, you win a trip to Hawaii!

Not; but still, thanks for playing!
Anyway, that was a leaked item, as in it was being tested in game, not unlike that pink and dark blue eyeball that that was sold before being replaced by re-skinned eyeballs.
When something is tested in game, that means it was being tested to see if it was alright and not buggy when released to the public. I can see if this is confused for beta, but the blanket was never intended to be released to the public.

I'm no official, so don't take my word for the eyeball or blanket, but don't go around saying you have a beta sock or a beta coffee cup.

If you have any comments or things like "is this
beta discontinued?", feel free to ask.

I'm grouchy, and I approve this message. 

This is very true in my opinion! I agree that we should all start calling 'beta' items 'discontinued' items instead, and refer to 'beta times' as in the year or month such as: AJ October 2010 or so. When I was on AJ, hanging out with Supermonkeys I complimented her on the post, and she said, "Indeed. If you call an Item 'Beta' your really calling it a pre-released computer game!" Haha.

Ozma00 (Another one of my good friends) commented with another very true fact:
Click to enlarge if you need..
 She is saying how AJ vocabulary is quite off!

The definition for scamming is:
If you don't know what a swindle is, it is to cheat out of money or other assets.

So, this isn't completely wrong, but- 
True facts about this scamming term:
  • It is to make a quick profit
  • It is a scheme
  • It can or cannot raise confidence
  • It is to cheat out of things
The things that are wrong with this definition on AJ:
  • Scammers usually use their own sort-of rare items to get the scam
  • In AJ 2010, scamming was 'easier' as I've been told, and almost everyone did so
  • It's not necessarily a profit to scam as your reputation is awful when your a scammer
  •  Scamming nowadays is not quick at all, Since most people are aware of scammers
 I hope you found this discussion/post interesting, since I know I did!
ps. I updated my 'about me' widget on the right hand sidebar!


  1. Dear XxFreeSpritxX,
    Are Frankenstein masks rare? I don't really know because people keep saying it isn't rare and I should just send it to them. Are those scammers, or is it true?

    1. Well, Frankenstein masks are sold usually around Halloween. So are mummy masks. No matter how rare it is, you should'nt really send it. It's unfair to you. It's your choice whether you wanna send it or not. It sometimes depends on what time your trading. It could be in the middle of summer, and it could have a bit of value, but during the fall, its not going to be much popular. I hope this helped!~SquirrelGirl1212 Add meh .3.

  2. Hey again FreeSpirt, you say u love cherry trees? Well, ur in luck, because i have ones, when im or ur online i or u can jamagram eachother. I would LOVE to meet u sometime, and not to be rude, but what for top hat? u can ban me for saying that, im sorry I just wanted one since january :)

  3. I miss the beta day and old animal jam when it was about learning and exploreing but now it's all have lots of rares e the best player ladedadeda ugh I also hate how ppls use all the XD, IKR and stuff like ppls never did hat on animal jam before cause it achally had younger kids playin animal jam. But I can't change it back I'm just going to have to deel with it !!

    1. I missed it back when people like you didn't whine about missing the old AJ.

  4. I have a beta table, a globe and a basket of candy can someone trade me a scarecrow plz!!!!


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