Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jammers too Desperate?

Hello, to all the Jammers of Jamaa! It's XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

Well, lately I have been seeing a lot of people saying things such as; "Send me gifts and I will say something nice about you, shout out your name, say your awesome, tell my friends about you, etc.." 
I know bloggers always say that they see a lot of these kinds of 'beggars', but this time I mean a lot of them.  Like a little too much.

People refer to this type of advertisement as 'scamming', but like I have mentioned in previous posts, that term is already misused on AJ quite frequently. (Too much, In fact) People will say someone is a scam even if they don't like them.  
To get back on topic, this is pointless! Most of the time people won't send you anything but stuff that is in stores. Yet if you were to say their name out loud, if someone did you send you something, most likely the 15 or so jammers who virtually hear it won't remember that username. It's a cheap way of getting 'rare' easily, without doing hard work to trade.

Things people will say:
  • "Send me stuff and I'll say your name out loud"
  • "Send me rares and I'll send you something back" (Most likely not, this technically is a scam)
  • "Send me unwanted items"
  • "Send me rares and I'll say your awesome!!!" 
  • "Send me items and I'll be your best friend!" (What a lame way to make a best friend..)
 So, do you consider this scamming? I can't seem to find the right word for this, but I consider this as more of a cheat. A cheap cheat. (Haha, that rhymes) Cheap cheat. Yes, that's it. It's a cheap way, of cheating on someone (Not as a relationship), but it's not really fair to the jammer that you are cheating for them to send you a rare item if your not trading.  If you want to be considered rare, work at it, trade fairly, and you'll get far. Most of the 'rarest' jammers in Jamaa have never scammed, and only got their items by trading.

What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. its not a cheap cheat or a scam its jammers trying to get what they can get and when i send something to people they ALWAYS shout my name after i sent them something but you wouldn't know because you have never had the problem of being a new jammer in times like these.-a DEAR friend


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