Friday, June 01, 2012

Violent Items! and more..

Hello, to all the Jammers of Jamaa! It's XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

Well, I'm disappointed that the Summer Carnival didn't come today, but oh well..
Wow! Today Nunchucks came out. Seems a bit violent for a Virtual game that's supposed to teach kids about animals..

Real Nunchucks are used in Karate, a form of martial arts and look like this:


Also, the Member Monthly gift is Golden Member gloves.
Which is a surprise, because Member Gloves were monthly gifts in the first place.
No one has really got them yet, (of course) but credit to LoveLost for this picture:
A legendary glove on a wolf.

Is AJ HQ Trying to prepare for a fight scene? We have swords, spartan helmets, now nunchucks and and special gloves?! You may or may not know, but I don't encourage clans, so I'm not 100% with this idea.

I've also been seeing some really strange floating glitches recently.
Here is one of them.
Um, no, that's a top hat..

Also, aren't snakes supposed to sink into the water? I know there are water snakes, but I didn't know our snakes were those type. All the other land pets sink in..

Also, I have no idea how this glitch came about. I haven't seen it anywheres else.

Has any of these happened to you? Comment away!

Ps. Sorry for the mix up yesterday, please check out my late post!


  1. I didn't think the Summer Carnival would come out today, even though we got the note, because it's Friday and it's only a week after the update. :3

    Ever since snakes come out, I've seen 'em floating like that on water. :P

    My brother participates in karate - after he's done using kamas (a type of knife-like weapon) he's doing swords, then nunchucks, I believe....


  2. Hey freespirit, it's Ceiene. I got hacked. I can't get on my account, it has literally been removed from my parent dashboard, and i am not sure how. I think TheDetector, the girl who gave me the lion code, did this, because she knew my email address and the code. Puddle also said something about Silverstein, but idk. I am probably going to quit animal jam, but i am going to use my seconnd account, ceiene2, to say my final goodbyes. Just know that whoever you see with the pirate sword is the one who hacked me, no matter what they say :(

    Remember to budddy me on ceiene2 so i can say bye! :C

  3. @Ceiene OMG! That's so awful! I don't know how it could be removed from your account, but L said he is trying to get back the pirate sword and will give it to you if he does. I added Ceiene2, and this is a pretty good reason to quit I must say, but please don't. I'm so sorry this happened to you.

  4. kiddingmorafine hacked her

  5. i love your blog XD

  6. LOL my friend has a sword and it was going thru his back like he got stabbed LOL


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