Saturday, June 02, 2012

Crystal Carrot, June Member Monthly Gift and Glitch

Hello, to all the Jammers of Jamaa! It's XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

There is a new Crystal Carrot in the Bunnies Only Party.

Here is the Jamagram they come in:

This time, It says that Club Memberships bring new animals.

And your gift..

Non members get this stylish card, and the glove pops out and changes between mummy-dragon-lava-legend. It's pretty fancy.

These are all the gloves, Dragon, Mummy, Lava and Legendary.

I personally like the dragon the best, but I'm sure more people favor the legend.
I admit, these are a pretty cool monthly gift that I think will be more popular then den items in future.


This name glitch has been happening to me frequently.
If you open the chat box, and read the names are clearly messed up.
They said that Professer Snowymoon's name is Colonel Cottoncroc.

Also, as I was logging onto animal jam the home screen was all shook up:

(Yes, I did wait for it to stop loading)

And on my storage account, when I was going to switch animals it turned out like this with no bottom scroll bar.

Also, here is my buddy list (The Top of it) And It said it wasn't fully scrolled up, yet when I tried it was stuck.

As I was decorating my storage den, there seemed to be a mat out but not in my inventory.

This may just be me, but does it look that the koala's butterfly wings shrink when they dance? I don't know, I may just be hallucinating.

See ya In Jamaa!

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  1. This is way past where the world is really in right now girl! You gotta catch up! The stuff don't look like that anymore!


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