Saturday, June 09, 2012

Sun Visor and Extras

Hello, to all the Jammers of Jamaa! It's XxFreeSpiritxX Here.
First of all, the Sun Visor came out in Jam Mart Clothling.
Not very interesting.
I was in my friend's den (I won't say who because they like their privacy :)) And she has this snow fort/ haunted mansion glitch! Which means that the flooring and some den items of her snow fort appear in her haunted mansion! Cool!

Quick Glitch! My Mane leafs thru my spike and arctic hood!

Whoa- First of all the name is supposed to go to their Username- not their animal name. Second of all it says 'Thanks for playing with me!" is 70 characters. Nope. And in the type box it reads 'Animal Jam Rocks' and "Hello".

What kind of picture is that?

The name is under the scroll bar and animal picture...
Also, my den items wouldn't appear- but only some of them. Others would show up just fine!

My leaf is going thru my glove- which goes thru my glove!
Note: Leafs recycle price has been changed from 24 to 75, so their is a good chance they may come out which is what most people guess. 
I hope not because I worked hard to get my whole collection of all the leafs... e.e
When you join, after you meet Liza and she explains to you about Jamaa, this new feature appears.

Thanks for reading!

(Yes, I still haven't made a new signature :/)

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  1. omg i love this blog i followed it and i love it!!!!
    i lly love it no loke ( yay first comment ^~^)


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