Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Claw Machine-Huh?

Hello Jammers of Jamaa! This is rodentGP!
I was just fooling around and saw this:

I was playing with the claw machine and found that giraffes and penguins are visable in the claw.

But look at the top. It doesn't say you can get giraffes and penguins!

AJHQ must of forgot since nobody uses the claw anymore. It's all about rares now.
Let's not get off topic, now!
So, the point of this post is that AJHQ forgot the add penguins and giraffes to the plushie list thingy!

Happy summer break!
(For the Elementary School students, happy early summer break! Btw, I will copy-paste this post onto my blog.)


  1. Im Sad that your leaving even though i dont know you. Your blog always helps me to get all the awesome stuff in stores. Your funny and people are ALWAYS in your den trading and junk like that. XD We'll all miss you, Animal jam Will miss you.
    (Add me if you like or hate me. ;3)

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  3. Um... are the cherry trees beta and is this a good trade for both sides: a cherry tree for a beta bird feeder and something else, please respond!


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