Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Blanket is out!*

Hello, to all the Jammers of Jamaa! It's XxFreeSpiritxX Here.
The once was once-of-a-kind beta blanket is out!

I was NOT predicting this to ever be out soon, yet you never know with AJ HQ.

Here, let me tell the story.

There was a beta player who returned to AJ named sharktooth. Pizzadrop came across him and saw that on his trade, he had this blanket (the orangish color one), and offered him 4 santa masks for it. He accepted. Then pizzadrop traded it to Rh111 for a tan carpet. Rh111 traded it to cowsandlightbulbs, who eventually quit giving everything away execpt that, and now somehow Cair ended up with the once one of a kind blanket.

Also, In Jam Mart Clothing the Big Skull and Princess Necklace are on clearance.
Same with Grass Skirt and Shell necklace in Bahari Bargains.

I already discovered when you wear the blanket on a lion, it goes through your inner back calf and gets cut off toward my shoulder!

If your wondering about the pirate sword, KiddingMoraFine presently has it and it is being debated what to do over it, and if she really hacked Ceiene.

Thanks for reading!


  1. She knows I did.
    She doesn't even care.
    But, truly, I care.
    And I just didn't want to be bullied like I was before.
    People said really mean words to me. I didn't even have friends in real life.
    But now that I have the Pirate Sword, it changed everything on Aj, and now I feel more confident over myself.
    So please do not spoil it.
    The hack I used was in beta stages, and just currently became illegal after I was the first one to test it.
    So I can NO more hack anyone anywhere anytime.

  2. Hi i love this blog i think it is very creative, esspecialy the user! I made a blog called Anna2722`s animal jam legends and id thought you might want to visit it alling with other jammers! and i kinda need pictures so send me if u want at IvyVinesAna@aol.com. thanks!


  3. you guys! i know who had the sword first! she was my sister!

  4. i like another blog too. its name is the animal jam spirit blog for all jammers. snowyclaw runs it and its pretty cool like yours.


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