Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Duck Nest & Notifications

Ello, Jammers of all animals! FS XxFreeSpiritxX Here.
A DUCK NEST Is now available in the Pet Shop.
I must admit, these items are pretty cute but still incredibly pointless.

Monthly Gift Mishap

Today is May 1st, but Animal Jam didn't send out a monthly gift. I wonder why. I remember last month, I didn't get my hot cocoa machine until 2 weeks later. Maybe they are waiting to send out the Phantom Invasion games until next update? But that will take 2 weeks. What's the point of calling

Banner Making

I might be creating a banner giveaway, contest or just be making banners. I have had a lot of requests people wanting banners.
I have made banners for Gingerpawz and Hayes848 so far.
Here are links to their blogs so you can see:

Moderator Slots and Applications

Also, I am creating forms to apply for moderation slots on AJF. I couldn't upload it to the page, so please click the link in the side box.

Jammer of the Week

Please also check out our new Jammer of the week, this week it is

A Fiery Story

If you are looking for a more entertaining post today, here is a link to a story I started on Animal Jam Fiery,

Thanks Jammers! :D

Ps. Do you like how I organized todays posts with underlined titles? I like it for a change! :D

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