Saturday, May 19, 2012

FREEDOM WINGS - To clear some things up & Sun Necklace :3

Hello, to all the Jammers of Jamaa! It's XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

The Sun necklace has came to match the moon necklace!
Now this gives me inspiration for other animals.
A night wolf, a day wolf?
Hehe, astronomy themed items.
Maybe a new party?

Best Dressed Glitches

Voting buttons at wrong times!

New questions and a makeover at Temple of Trivia!

Freedom Wings
Okay, it really bugs me how everyone says their is only 1-3 pairs of freedom wings in existence, and that they are so rare, rarest item on AJ, blah, blah, blah..
Because I highly consider them NOT the rarest item on AJ!
(Picture from Best Dressed)

I know at least 11 People with them, who still play AJ:
  • Louietheman,
  • CaptainWow, 
  • Mckelvey19,
  • Jumpinjack06,
  • Paola1223,
  • Stallion1, 
  • Coolspeed10, 
  • SingingEarthLover,
  • Articpaw
  • Snowyclaw

Rumor has it too that ShimmerFang has them.
Also, SkyrimTTS had freedom wings..but what happened to them? Do they still have them?

I also wouldn't doubt that a lot of beta players still have their freedom wings, and others who still play, but decide not to tell anyone. :)

Also, I'm pretty sure that Freedom masks are much rarer too. I've only seen two I think, one owned by Stallion1,  and another owned by CaptainWow
(Picture from Best Dressed)

Here is my Friend CaptainWow wearing his freedoms, including freedom mask.
He has all the freedoms that he actually BOUGHT so please, don't ask him he is NEVER trading them and hardly ever on.

If you feel that some of the facts are wrong - please comment.

ps. I'm thinking of deleting Guess that jammer, and replacing it with a Epic Dens page.


  1. Maybe You Should... I really Like Epic Dens, Maybe it should be Den of The Month! Or Den of The Week, Just Tell People To Right down there names in Comments and there Dens must Be Unlocked.

  2. Rumor Has it, AndYouThoughtYouWereRare (Everyone thinks he's Coolspeed10's Backup) Has A mask, All I know He has, Freedom wings, Helmet and Bands, But I've never seen his Mask...

    1. Isaw him at freespirits party a few weeks ago and your I right about his freedom items ~Anakin1190 ( I wonder if he does have a mask) hmmmmmmmm.........

    2. AndYouThouhtYouWereRare
      What kind of username is that? A real mean won if you ask meh

  3. Also llIIlIIlL! He just got them a few days ago, I saw him in Crystal Sands. It's on his bunny.

  4. 2 of my buddy's have freedom wings!!!
    Not going to name names ( ya know, they might not want there name online sorry)
    Ok Welp
    Um bye

  5. im wigglemonster and i have the wings too! :3 i traded mech wings 4 them!

  6. I got freedom wings to

  7. i got freedom wings and i'd like to trade them im Cuteseal1090


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