Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Interview with Niminiminimi1!

Hello, to all the Jammers of Jamaa! It's XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

An Interview with Nimi/ RaresZoom

2.Heyyyy Jammers! Its Mister here.

Me: Ello, Nimi!
Him: Hello!
Me: So first of all, Why did you change users?
Him:Well I have a few reasons,
Me: We have time!
Him: The user was getting old, so I decided to start a fresh new user, and second of all, People were being mean to my user
Me: How so?
Him: They start knowing me more, and people will just be mean.... its also fun to be non member!, You get more attention.
Me: So, RaresZoom, how long have you been on animal jam?
Him: Well i've been on since beta, I started on my birthday. Before the crystal sands changed..and now it might change AGAIN! ...Random comment: I had freedom bands, but someone hacked them. Also, My yellow beard got hacked.
Me: How was the old crystal sands different? And thats too bad :C
Him: I can't really remember...well..I know only one game, It's were You toss coconuts at monkeys appearing in a tiki
Me: Aww, that sounds like it would've been fun!
Him: Yup. I heard you got scammed, you ok?
Me: See Jammers how caring Nimi is? Anyways, I was gonna make a post about him, It was 10278 owes me a fire pit. Then, Me, Cruiser7, And Iloveaj5678 told him he had one day to get me a fire pit, and then he came back the next day asking for another day. We all said no, then he got angry, SWORE at us and ran away, here is a picture of him:

Me: Anyways, Nimi have you ever been scammed?
Me: Like, for what?
Him: Freedom bands, wings
Me: Oh,no that's awful!
Him: but the worst of all..
Me: :O Wow!
Okay, any last thing you would like to say to the jammers?
Me: haha,ok thanks Nimi/ RaresZoom!

Here is nimi's new user..

To prove it:

So yeah, that was my interview with nimi!
Please comment on who I should interview, and what I should ask them about!

** As of March 24th, 2011 RaresZoom switched back to Nimi.

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