Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sheriff Badge and a Blog Copying Update

Hello, to all the Jammers of Jamaa! It's XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

The new item today is:
Sheriff Badge in Bahari Bargains

Well, first of all I think this blog copying has ended- as far as plagiarizing.
For those of you who don't know what plagiarizing is, here is a better definition then I could ever give provided by

(When searching that, it linked to the real word which is plagiarism)

Which I DO have rights to my blog, and COPYRIGHTED as you guys who actually scroll down to the bottom of my blog can see:

So does snowyclaw.....Which brings me to my next point.

Magic797 has decided to copy-and-paste SNOWYCLAW's Posts now! (Still using the same exact format as my blog although..)

Snowyclaw posted this first... I even have proof:
At 12:22PM

Then Magic797 posted this:


Wow, now read the last enlarged picture.
She says she could care less and that I only want to start a fight. Well, it seems that she doesn't.
A few days ago I commented on everything she copied and how so.
She copied my iPod Nano down to the exact color - light blue.
Now it's changed to hot pink XD
Also, thanks for being so supportive everyone - but please don't be too mean.
I don't hang with mean people, I can guarantee you that.
I just have very supportive readers ^-^ 
You think I won't stop my blog? Oh, please. I will screen record me doing it if you want, if you keep this plagiarizing up.

Well, I'm not going to be posting anything more about this since it's getting a little too personal for the blog. Unless she starts copying-and-pasting my posts again..then I have a right to fine her.
Please tell snowyclaw about this too, as their about of this now. Snowy is my buddy, so I will tell snowy that too.

Anyways, you already know about the phantoms thing now so I can't really talk about that .-.

I also got onto Animal Jam, and the surprise is up - Moderator of the week! 
Yes, I have gotten 20+ Applications for this already, so it's not stopping soon.
I picked the most outstanding yet to be our first role model - 
Congrats to SmilePeaceMusic!
Please check out the moderator of the week page for more info.

I deleted Trading Central because it had the least amount of votes on our recent poll, (5) and was too hard to keep up with and no one was using it.

SYIJ! Please help this issue stop!


  1. "I could care less if she quits her blog"
    Umm if she DID care less she wouldnt be COPYING YOUR BLOG and yea right magic has 100 ppl look at her blog a day if so its just fans of Free looking at her stupid blog to see her copying Free!!!I bet you get 1000 views a day!!Now she needs to stop copying you and Snowy!!!! I mean really!!!You have the mean friends umm no!Your friends are the nicest ppl ever!!And shes just jelous that nobody agrees with her ughly little blog and her words and better yet HER FACE!I dont CARE IF SHE PUTS ME ON HER REALLY BAD BLOG FOR STANDING UP TO A GOOD FRIEND SHES THE MEAN BULLY!!!PLAGIARISM IS ILLEGAL!!

  2. @XxFreeSpiritxX
    Thanks for defending me! Don't worry to much about it though, this stuff is really just to hard to stop. Hopefully I can get some sort of legal protection if my blog ever gets that big though. ^.^

  3. Hi,
    I know what plagiarism is, but we can't really say were copying posts when its like rare item Monday, but I get what your saying. Magic is just jealous of you EPIC, awesome, cool blog! some stuff I know I have that might be on here like the rare items but that isn't plagiarism, but what Magic is doing IS plagiarism, I don't care if she puts me on her bad blog. Cuz' I bet half those people are standing up to her and she don't like it, Newz flash Magic: Forget it her blog is way better -.-

  4. OMG,
    Magic copyed my banner! I was the first one to have it on my blog. UGH. I have a copyright! >:(

  5. Thanks everyone. I'm sorry that she is copying your blogs :c

  6. Player is illegal and you can get arrested and put in jail, so if I were you free, I would call the cops to find this magic whatever and to get her arrested. That my play lol.


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