Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nothing New - Still glitches.

Hello, to all the Jammers of Jamaa! It's XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

Apparently there is nothing new today, so I will provide you with a variety of glitches.
Just in the loading screen, the background is blacked out! (Yes I waited for it to fully load)

After I got the, "You were gone for too long and got logged out!" I got the, 'Are you still there? Click OK to keep playing." Screen OVER it, Which the 'Are you still there?" Screen is supposed to come before it logs you out.

 Best Dressed
All these clothing colors are messed up!




How can gingerpawz be offline, yet online when it says she is on my list?

I"m wearing a glove and cuffs at the same time?!

I can't switch animals :L

I clicked on courtbee, then a second later they're animal changed to my buddy, Greatshot's animal!


First of all, AJHQ Changed the name of my wolf from Admiral Spiritclaws to Duchess CuteClaws,
And Free will NEVER have that girly of a name.
When then AJ changed my seal into looking like a wolf, with the name, and I don't have my little clover symbol.

Here is my wolf that my seal was imitating, with the name changed :L
They also changed my pattern...ew..You will NEVER see Free wearing fire on a wolf.

Yes, more invisible jammers .-.

All servers with the same population?!

Well, I hope you enjoyed..
I changed a few things on the blog:
  • New link color
  • New selected tabs background color
  • Post text from size 13 font to size 14 font.
Ps. I still miss my solid black top ;c


  1. The same thing happened to me... :/.. my wolf was named Swimming Muddygirl, ew.. it changed into a purple wolf with a pink underbelly and yellow swirls, ew.. and it had those dotty eyes that nobody uses, ew. :\
    ~fatpanda96 ^0^

  2. Hey Freespirit its Avril well the "Phantoms" rlly messed me up cuz i just started a blog and needed to ask, how do you get those floating falling thingys? thx


  3. Ok apparently AJHQ is working on AJ again and I'm really scared for some reason.. :/
    I just feel like I'll lose rares after the update..


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