Thursday, May 10, 2012


Hello, to all the Jammers of Jamaa! It's XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

Today is one of those days where AJF says the same as every other blog :c

Jamaa Derby is a new non member and member game for horses!
I don't like how new pet games are on every cover, because I believe other things are more interesting.
It is in Jamaa Township, with the Play Pro option and the regular Play option.
An ocean den item contest...which of course, I have absolutely NO intrest in XD
Yep, Giraffes are coming...In two weeks. This was like the same thing that happened with horses. I wish they were also fatter..if you look at the picture.
The Ocean Cruise Party is new. Most likely where the coral necklaces went. I shall try to get pictures.
Yep, Phantom Invasion blah...blah... blah.
Also, Temple of Trivia is double gems in honor of a real-life invent - The National Geography Bee!
Like a spelling bee, but for geography! They actually do this at my school :)
-sigh- Yes, enforcing more about 'Rares' Along with the beta trading video.
'Rare' items that came out in past have a little 'rare' sticker on them. I guess AJHQ wants to make their own rares..even though Animal Jam was originally for learning about animals.

This update was even more boring then the last one :L

Quick Updates:
  • Bunny pets are still available
  • Snake mat in Pet Shop
  • Homemade wings on clearance
  • Cool hair and propeller on clearance in Bahari Bargains

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