Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Interview with Glados135!

Hello, to all the Jammers of Jamaa! It's XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

An Interview with Glados135

Me: Hello, Glados!
Her: Heyo! How are you?
Me: Very good, and yourself?
Her: Good.
Me: That's wonderful! So, First of all, why is your name glados?
Her: Well, I like it because it's off the game Portal and the Characters name is Glados.
Me: And what about the 135 part?
Her: I like put my favorite numbers together xD
Me: Glados, how long have you been on AJ?
Her: I have been on Since September 30th, 2011.
Me: WOW! How did you become so rare? I hope not scamming...
Her: I have to thank sobek2014 He gave me the rare item that led me here, A glove.
Me: Cool! Have you ever scammed?
Her: Oh NO WAY! I would never scam!
Me: Have you ever been scammed?
Her: Yes, by Darkscar01 for my blue fox hat and a locket and a mohawk.
Me: Oh my that's awful! What do you think of the new Tierneys' Aquarium?
Her: I think it's pretty cool, it's full of new execptations.
Me: Very Fun, I agree! Any last words?
Her: JAM DON'T SCAM and REMEMBER THAT, NO MATTER WHAT, You will always be epic!
Me:Thanks, Glados!

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