Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Monthly Gifts Opinions and Skeleton fence*

Ello, Jammers of all animals! FS XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

Credit to Hayes848 for telling me about the Skeleton Fence in the Spooky Party! 

This Creeps me out! :o

I FINALLY Got my monthly gift! :D I always tend to be one of the last jammers. 

Here is the letter..
What's funny is that AJ won't let us write back to them, yet it would be an excellant way to give feedback.
This also states, "Club Memberships Help Make Cool New Parties!" Well, yeah. But some people don't like the parties, (2 of you voted on our poll that you don't like parties), I think that some of them are kind of lame too. Also, look at the background. I like it's supposed to be the Jamaa township, but I really love it.

Phantom Invasion, yes... the game that gives us un useful yet colorful, decorative toys that half time we waste our gems on.

Surprisingly, it still costs gems. This is just a way for Animal Jam to make money.
We Spend Gems > We want stuff > We have to earn gems > We want the cool expensive member stuff > We get membership
'The Circle of Animal Jam Profit (dramatic music)"

It's awfully small compared to last months monthly gift, which came late too :L
But yet I shouldn't be talking.. since i'm the smallest XD

Bye Now!

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  1. hello free! can you make me a banner for my blog? we are buddies so you can just meet me... thanks :)


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