Sunday, April 01, 2012

Ħ@℘ρƴ Ѧρґїʟ ℉ℴℴℓ﹩ Ð@ƴ‼

Ello, Jammers of all animals! FS XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

In Jan Mart Clothing, the dragon masks have returned from October.

Also Horseshoe rugs are now available in Horses Only Party.

Remember the new Blog? ANIMAL JAM FIERY? With tons of moderators? Yeah, it's going great!
So far, our list of moderators are:

And More to come! Here is the link to AnimalJam Fiery! : ANIMALJAM FIERY!

Please support this new blog just like Animal Jam Freedom ^^

BTW...I can't believe AJ still hasn't given out monthly gifts yet >.<


Ps. I got a new signature, thanks to inspiration from EagleEye34, Do ya like?

1 comment:

  1. Yay I'm an inspiration XD
    My inspiration for my signature was Cocoafang's signature :3



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