Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mail glitches and New items.

Hey Jammers!
I finally made it to the spooky party...and my video won't load. I hope you can forgive me because you have most likely already been there.

Anyways, there is this mail glitch going around. On some Jam-a-grams there is a report button and others not. Here is a video. Also, some items get lost in the mail like Ace97's beard. :<
Another mail glitch is words getting erased so either it will turn out blank or just the regular,
'Animal Jam Rocks!'

There is this Phantom Necklace in the Spooky Party. The only thing that made this item a fail instead of an epic item, is that it's member. I think it would of been much more of a hit if it were non member :L

This is the Compass in Sunken Treasures. 
I wonder if it works.


  1. Hai free it's meh happy. I'm just wondering how you got your banner? I mean it awesome and stuff XD

  2. Thats not a glitch in the jam-a-grams, its just to report if someone said somethig bad in it duh

    1. Hey!!! Don't you dare say hath kinda stuff to free mister non scary wolf! Maybe free doesn't know tht yet. Don't you have any sense? Well obviously not. Since your being rude to free. -.- get a life dude. ~a not going down against you Anakin1190


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