Wednesday, April 11, 2012

**Of course, More new Items and an new 'Infinity Glitch'?

Hello all!

As all you jammer probably know, the Kani Cove music came out today for 100 gems.
I wish that sometime, we were able to create our own mix of sounds from different areas to create a new track. :3

Also thanks to Ganimal151 for telling me about the Sawhorse at The Horse party is now available!

New Infinity Glitch?

As you all most likely know LoveLost's blog. Well, a few months ago she taught us the Infinity Glitch  which could make you invisible, have rooms black out, be underwater with a land animal or invisible.

Until AJ HQ Fixed the glitches.


Jammers are always discovering new glitches!
So, I am Curious how and what this one is that i've been seeing lately..

In this picture there in a shark on land in a castle den.

And here is a dolphin on land in Crystal Sands.

What's funny is it seems that they can only travel like that for a certain amount...because they both moved around 6 inches in a certain direction then COMPLETELY disappeared. 

Has this happened to any of you guys?
Have you seen this?
Do you have any pictures?
Please send Pictures to 

Also, Please check out the Important notice on "Guess that Jammer ???"
They page is most likely being shut down.

Ps.. Do you like the new design?


  1. Hey Free!

    Ok, this is going to be way off topic, but thanks for putting me on your "Who should be the next jammer of the week?!" poll, its an honor ^0^
    I got 3 votes!
    Thanks for being so darn awshum free x3

  2. >=( i want cheese and i have neaver heard of you!

  3. Sorry im commenting randomly but NOOOOOOO!SPIKES ARE IN THE DIAMOND SHOP!NOOOOOOOOOOO!DX Oh yea and im jamglow3262 in animal jam!

    1. Hi I'm "flowerpower3262" on Animal Jam. I know ya! :3

  4. Lots of stuff is happening on Animal Jam. SO MUCH NEW CLOTHES NUUUUUUUUU I CAN'T KEEP UP WITH ANYTHING! This is just a random comment sooooo... Oh ya, by the way, if ya wanna friend meh I am flowerpower3262 on Animal Jam. If you have a light blue nonrare worn, I'd gladly trade for it. I have some rare items and some betas. Thank you!


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