Sunday, April 15, 2012

Of course the new items and - The best trade I ever got!

Ello, Jammers of all animals! FS XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

Here is Colour54's Edition of Todays items, BECAUSE i'm really stoked to tell you guys something.

Today's New Items

Now it's tomorrow- or today! The next day, whatever. Here's what here now!
Dog Toy

 It cost 200 gems, you can buy it at the Pet Den Item Shop, and it's members only.

Silver Brick
It costs 5,000 gems, sells at Epic Wonders, and is for non-members! Yay! More non-member stuff.

Also, the Sports Car is back for 6,000 gems, selling at Epic Wonders, and members only at the moment.

Well, the best trade I ever did was from my beta friend (Not to be named) tho he probably wouldn't care.

Also, whoa 4,000 views! This is amazing guys! I always get jammers coming up to me saying,
 "Oh I love your blog!" You guys are so sweet! Thank you!

Also, when I was playing on MisterArcticClaw when I got banned, I had a few jammers come up to me and say, "You stole XxFreeSprirtxX's [Animal] name!" Aww you guys are so cute <3 Then I explained that I AM XxFreeSpiritxX and you guys were completely cool with that and said sorry! :)

He traded me his TAN CARPET for my red top!
See it?
Here's a few tan carpet facts.
  1. Tan carpets are the second rarest thing in AJ that is actually KNOWN to exist, there are around 7.
  2. Tan carpets used to fit in beta dens (The 3 level kind) perfectly, but AJ forgot to fix them, so now they look funny in dens.
  3. They are NOT a glitch, for glitches forms vary. These tan carpets take the same shape in the same den, EVERY TIME, just like regular carpets would.
  4. They are non-member, just like most of the rarest things.
  5. A lot of beta people tend to have them, but either they got hacked our scammed. For now, me and my friends know about 5-7 people with tan carpets.
I DID NOT Scam this, for this person is an EXTREMELY rare and caring and giving friend. He gave me a red royal, and traded tan carpet for my red top hat. Then, he bet gingerpawz a game of 4 gem for the red top! She won! So he sent her the red top, which is one of her DREAM items and now she can be twins with her best friend lovelost! Lovelost also traded him beta hood for tan top, she wanted to trade back but instead our friend just sent the beta hood back! What a nice guy!

All for now,
The very happy,


  1. Don't you wish EVERY Jammer was like this?


    1. No randomly giving out your rares to people to people youve NEVER met in your life that would make me crie if i had to do that since i only have 1 good rare and i have kept it ever since i got on aj

    2. i think that person was really nice and i agree with eagleEye

  2. Hey spirit! i thought you didnt care if things were rare or not you trade for things you like and how could you possibly like something that does even fit in your den........-.-........sincerely a DEAR friend

    1. she doesnt care if they are or not but she liked it and thats why she traded it. just because it doesnt fit in her den doesnt mean she cant like it. i like it too. sincerely~ me <3


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