Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Rather Strong Opinions about this New Update..

Ello, Jammers of all animals! FS XxFreeSpiritxX Here.
Sorry that this has to be a short post!
Well, the SSSSNAKE! Pet game came out today. 
Again, another things JUST for members .-.
What a clever name...e.e

Best Dressed for Under water! At least they could become a little more creative and call it something else. Like 'Aqua Dress-off' or hire someone to create a way better name then I can.
Spooky Party?! Isn't this supposed to come around the Day of the Phantoms? What kind of party is AJ going to throw in October then?! Too Impatient? I see.

I <3 APPONADALE. I can't wait to get this Acacia Pet Tree, I wonder what it will look like!
Okay, I'm getting sick of these games for Monthly Gifts. I will stop being a member for these lame gifts that become worthless in the future :L

Pet bunnies, I still need to get one. A word search!
I wonder what the word is!
I found these letters all around:
 E R A F G I E
I wonder what that (cough cough) TALL ANIMAL has to do with Jamaa?!

Contest winner! This is not a very cool item, but rather interesting!
It reminds me of the Founder's Hat, yet it's a den item.
Imagine in the future of aj...*bright light appears* everyone will be wondering why it's called.

Sorry I got a little excited there...I'm out.

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