Monday, April 02, 2012

Rare Tiara and some Fun Best Dressed Pictures :3

Ello, Jammers of all animals! FS XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

Today, the Rare Tiara came out in the Jam Mart Clothing for 800 gems, quite expensive i'll say for something that wasn't even rare in the first place :/

Best Dressed Pictures
**Note: Some of these items don't exist, and some are just alternated forms of the original.

Gazelles: Real
Leaf: Real, but not real colour
Blanket: Real Orange one, But We don't know about rest of colour.
Leg Armor: Real and Currently Selling

Glasses: Real and Currently Selling
Wings: Real and Selling
Leaf: Real 
Leg armor: Real and Selling

Top hat: Real
Beard: Real
Blanket: Real orange one, But we don't know about colour.
Leg Armor: Real

Pilgrim: Real
Blanket: Real orange one but we don't know about colour.
Leg Armor: Real and Selling

It also really disappoints me how some jammers are getting there cocoa machine, and some aren't. I haven't got mine yet, how about you?
Here is a picture of me and Gingerpawz with her lucky duck Coca Machine. :L

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  1. FreeSpirit
    You spelt "Jan" Mart
    Its suppose to be Ja"m" XD
    PS: I don't mean any offense to your blog saying what i did on Anima Jam Fiery.
    Ur blog is already so amazing, and my blog started out like tht too :3

  2. Oh ok, sorry my replys are acting up. Lol, thnx. And haha k.


  3. The beard is real color. I saw somebody with it. Oh and I came up with a way to predict that old items are gonna come out again. You suddenly see a bunch of strange color items in best dressed. Maybe AJ is testing it to see how much Jammers like the colors? Maybe it;s like beta all over again...


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