Thursday, April 12, 2012

***Well...the new failed update, and some other bits of info.

Ello, Jammers of all animals! FS XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

Today, I have a lot of information to give, and the update just makes it a bigger post.

The Jamaa Journal got a makeover, and the bunny pets are here. Apparently we asked for them, but I don't remember that.

They also gave out this notification.

If you click the links in the sidebar 'In this Issue' they work VERY slowly.:/

I am not quite fond of the new layout, it doesn't seem very newspaperish. Although, it's the first time the Jamaa Journal has switched it's layout.

Den item contest? I would enter, but i'm not that good at drawing. I think it would be cool to have a vibrant, MOVING objest (i.e. Clouds, fire, hot cocoa machine) to make the den more ALIVE.

Pet den items, when  AJHQ is already so clueless about REGULAR den items, that they need host a contest.

A quite pointless last page, because I think we get the point :|

Earth day banners are around Jamaa, and the holiday is in the later end of April.

New adorable Bunny cards! :3 'Awwwww'

A writing desk is in Sunken treasures, though it would be better suited for a land den.

In Bahari Bargains a sweet duo of necklaces.

Monkey hats also came out, i'm glad I traded mine. Dark blue like the one in this picture is my favorite color, but I can't buy one on my non member account :( 

Remember the Insanity Glitch I showed you from yesterday? Well Snowyclaw  found one too, and posted it. Check it out!

Also, I am now a moderator on my friend Shawana98's blog.

Also, I have been suspended from AJ for 2 more days, due to me pulling out rares that I don't frequently rare, therefore people think I scammed them. It would be lovely if any nice jammers could send me the item that comes out, as I would be overjoyed and very thankful.

Well..I know I had more stuff, but It will come back in my mind. If you see some ***'s by the title later, that means it is updated.

Also, The thought is pondering in my head...Quitting?
(Not being an Attention Seeker >:C)


  1. That doesn't seem like a valid reason to suspend you. And please don't think the thought you think. Also, did anyone else's globe change?

  2. Don't Leave It's Bffpop123 :) your freind

  3. i was pernemently suspended


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