Monday, April 16, 2012

Greyscale?! and Scammer..

Ello, Jammers of all animals! FS XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

The RARE JOLLY ELF HAT came out today.
I don't even know why, since the actual NON MEMBER item just came out 4 months ago. Well now that I just typed that I realize that that is quite awhile ago, but not the usual time frame. The regular elf hat came in 3 abstract colors, not a greyscale. But it's cool that AJ took these colors for a turn, What else 
might be cool in these shades?

This is the guy who traded me his tan carpet. His name is IIIIIIIIIL Which I don't even know if they are I's  or i's and don't know how many letters are in his name. So don't ask. He is super generous and a caring friend. This is his first week of playing Animal Jam since beta times, and he's already been badly scammed. By VisualEffects. Vis admitted to trying to scam Silver101 yesterday, but unfortunately no one has proof  yet. He also 'scammed' IIIIIIIIIIL by not trading back, when he promised. Visual is acting quite strange recently, and unfortunately I can't have the much more information as me and him are 'no longer friends' 

Here is a picture of me and IIIIIIIIIIL, (Him wearing my favorite vamp mask I traded him ;()

Bye for now!


  1. He seems like a trustworthy friend!
    Now let's just watch him get mobbed by crowds asking for ridiculous trades and people begging him to send rares...
    And let's hope he doesn't turn out like Vis!
    (Sorry... I just HAD to say that...)


    1. Mhmm let's hope tht he doesn't turn out like vis. Or Silverstein who I personally, can't stand tht she's so believable with her scams. When she isn't scamming she's trying to work up a plot to scam other who want her items and are willing to trAde for them. It's usually the same one every time. The old please let me try on the item I won't scam thing. I fell for tht the first time. I'll never ever do it again. And I've know visualeffects scams for a long time. But otherwise he's pretty nice to me. Unless he scams me.... -.- well, Thts all I got to say now so bai! ~Anakin1190


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