Saturday, March 03, 2012

Beta, Beta, Beta?! & Aj too obsessed with rares?

Heyyyy Jammers! Its Mister here.

Well you all know about beta times, way back when. Recently I met this beta user (who will not be named for certain reasons) who is as rare as you can imagine. WHY I am not naming him, because I am concerned that AJ Is too obsessed with rare items and more things. I mean, even in the new loading screen it talks about rare items.

See? It says "Loading Rare Items" in the bottom right hand side. Im concerned that animal jam is promoting that Aj is only for rares, although it's not. It can also take months, years, weeks to get really rare. Some people get off lucky, but others get so frustrated that it makes them quit if they can't get rare. Which also makes people send them rares, so their friend's don't quit. Which also leads me too my next topic-
Scammers! There are many, many scammers. (Read about some under Scammers!)
And post some if you know. Also, like I was mentioning before, people use many many tricks to get rare.
Some ask to borrow rares, 'just accept this trade' kinda thing, make people feel bad for them and more. Comment if you know scammers, tricks and I want to know what you think about if aj is too obsessed with rares!?

About this 'beta' jammer I was mentioning earlier, I talked to him and he has such rares as tons of scarecrows and tan carpet, freedom items but idk many of his clothing. I asked him if he wanted me to introduce him to the more famous and yes, rare jammers. He declined and I was curious so I questioned, "Why?" He claims that he was on AJ for friends, fun and to play wild. He claims, "yes, I care about rares,  but they don't run my life." He is now my inspiration. ALTHOUGH...

I am a little suspicious. I am almost positive he is beta, although he claim's he is not. He has about 25, scarecrows, bird feeders, cactus's and tons of beta furniture, THAT IS NM. He is Nm, I forgot to mention. He says he has only been on since december 2011, and that he just got rare by trading. But when I questioned him about his tan carpet, two times both his answers were different. 1. I don't know anything about it. 2. It fit perfectly in the old den. [referring to the beta den as shown in this video.. a tour of AJ beta days.] What do you think of beta?
Intresting..Well that's all I got for now...WAIT

Question of the post: What is rarer? A blue striped top hat or solid black? Leave your answers in the comments!



  1. Replies
    1. I got scammed. Scammer was kate8055. Stole my Christmas items. Luckily, I traded and got half of them back.

  2. What was the panda's username?


    1. SagwaSunshine ;)
      BTW, add me, my username is keenyawolf
      (OMG visit me den! IT'S FULL OF AMAZING THINGS!)

  3. I don't really think any color of item is "rarer" but I would prefer blue striped just because blue is my favorite color, and that was an awesome video.

  4. Cheese34, it was swagwasunshine. And thank you, General I really like that video too...I'll be referring to it a lot more often. Thank you guys for commenting, you should send me a jamagram because I want to meet ya'll.


  5. ok, I'm Nachtdervolfe12345.

  6. Solid Black. The rarest color of all would be green :I

  7. I agree, Jammers are FAR TOO OBSESSED WITH RARES!!!
    People never even click the animal facts anymore!
    People are more excited about getting a top hat than talking to a shaman.


  8. um, both are equal obiously XD

  9. I agree, everyone has gotten obsessed! Some people are getting sad or angry because their not "rare." Nobody is named "rare". And while were at it, Jammers are also obsessing over virtual dating.. Like the whole "Come to my den if you like me!". Sometimes, things should happen on the inernet and should'nt. I believe that sometimes, people just need to stop thinking about dating and just have some fun and trade :DDDDD

  10. I'm guessing the solid black is rarer. But, they both sold at the same time, so it doesn't really matter, I guess.

  11. one scammer:miroo22

  12. Depends on the person you trade with :3 if they like blue they will trade if they like black they might trade :3 Plus animaljam jammers have a weird faze :P The aj obssesive where you are on it 24/7 and trade trade trade and just want rares :/ i went trough that but i play with my friends whenever i can now a days :D Plus aj is advertising..its kind of sad what it has turned into... ;-;

    ~Ninja4977 The bananamannnnn :D


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