Wednesday, March 07, 2012

An Interview with Iloveaj5678!

Heyyyy Jammers! Its Mister here.

Here is my interview with Iloveaj5678

Me: Hello, Aj!
Her: Hello!
Me: So, Aj, How long have you been on Animal Jam?
Her: I have been on animal jam for 2 years
Me: So, are you beta?
Her: I started right when beta ended.
Me: Ahhh, what a bummer!
Her: Ikr, stinks so much.
Me: Have you ever scammed?
Her: Nope, its really rude.
Me: Do you promise to all the jammers out there you have never scammed?
Her: Yup, of course.
Me: Alrighty then, How has animal jam changed since you started?
Her: A lot, rares have changed and I have lost a lot of my really good friends.
Me: Anything that animal jam has changed?
Her: Yeah, a lot of stuff I liked to do, like the old crystal sands.
Me: Any last things you would like to say to the jammers out there?
Her: Yush, to check out my blog Iloveaj5678's animal jam highlights!
Me: Alright, Good bye jammers!
Her: See ya!

Well, that was my first interview! Credit to DaisyGal54 for inspiring me from her blog.

Btw here is a link to Iloveaj5678's blog: Click here!

Please comment on who you would like me to interview and what questions you want me to ask!

Thanks for reading,


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  2. hello freespirit! im jammie263! XD like the interview!


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