Monday, March 19, 2012

Rare Gazelle Horns and a hide Update

Heyyyy Jammers! Its Mister here.

Today the Rare item was Rare Gazelle Horns.They only came in one color, brown with yellow stripes.
5th page of the Jan Mart Clothling.

I think this is a better idea to realese a rare version of beta items, rather then the ACTUAL beta item. Last week, realizing the real viking helmet crushed many, many people's rarity :C

Such as:
Rare top hat
Rare worn blanket
Rare Gazelle Horns
Rare beard

^Has all been realesaed so far^

What do you think of rare version beta items, and what do you think will come out next?


Last we noticed, me and gingerpawz noticed hide's purple beta non member wings were stolen.
Now, he hasn't been on to confirm this, but he was hacked yesterday of all his stuff, so it is most likely true.:<

What do you think happened to his wings?

Can someone get me a spell check on realieased? I can't seem to find a spell check for it :< lol.


1 comment:

  1. Hey, ThatOneArcticClaw!

    It's BeautifulBlackWolf, and I saw your comment on my blog, and I think your blog is great! So your spell check for realieased, is spelled, released. There you go!

    Thanks for commenting to Animal Jam Parks!


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