Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nothing New --- A surprise!

Ello, Jammers of all animals! FS XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

Well, as LoveLost said there is nothing new today. Which i'm actually quite happy about. Ever since the 2012 update, new things have been coming out all the time which makes trade quite confusing, and an easier job for scammers.

Here is LoveLost's list of things that will be gone tomorrow:
 Clover Earmuffs - Mt. Shiveer (Hot Cocoa Hut)*
Clover Blanket - Jam Mart Clothing*
Clover Balloon - Jam Mart Clothing**
Clover Trident - Bahari Bargains
Clover Cape - Bahari Bargains
Clover Skirt - Bahari Bargains
Clover Necklace - Bahari Bargains
Angel Wings - Jam Mart Clothing*
Unicorn Horn - Jam Mart Clothing*
Elf Bracelets (Cuffs) - Jam Mart Clothing***
Jammer Anthem - Music Shop*
Clam Shell Chair - Kani Cove (Sunken Treasures)
Clam Shell Ottoman - Kani Cove (Sunken Treasures)

I have *'d the items that are most important to buy, for rare trading purposes. Make sure to buy Elf Bracelets, since last time they were out in beta they got super rare. I'm also surprised the Unircorn Horn and Angel wings are on clearance, because they have been one of the items that is always in the shop. Interesting, huh?

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