Thursday, March 22, 2012

New items, Notifications, Hater Dens && More

Ello, Jammers of all animals! FS XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

In Sunken Treasures, you can buy a marble bench and a crescent marble bench :|

They also sent out another notification yesterday...Like we didn't already know...:o

For some reason, Blogger won't let me post another page/tab.
But I will give you a sneak peak....

Something to do with these users....

And also, another one has to do with the victim's of scamming lost items'.

In this picture, there is another Hate User against me, but I will not say it since it is not appropriate.
This is also a glitch I have been meaning to show you guys.
When someone goes online then offline really quick, and then scroll your mouse over their locater. It will say offline, even tho you can trade them and play games with them.

Also, this is a fun glitch I enjoy doing, with a floating buddy list :3

So, when your list glitches like this...


And then click the icon again...

Mwhala! Floating buddy list :3

Well, bye for now,


  1. Hey, what does SYIJ stand for?
    I've seen you on animal jam many times, BTW u hav nice rares too.
    Oh, and some people call you a scammer O.O

    1. Ello, YingYang! I think I have seen you too :3 SYIJ stands for "See you in Jamaa"! LOL. Ty(:
      Well, I can guarantee you I have never scammed, as I help ppl get their scammed items back :o Who was it? Silverstein i'm guessing .-.

  2. Cool!!!!!! Oh and yay! I'm in the buddies picture thing! I've met glados135 and she seems really nice. I didn't get to buddy her cause my buddy list is full. :<

    Your bud, jamanimal135

    1. Lol, yes you are :3 Glados is wonderful, she has a blog too. :3 Thnx for visiting my blog! :3


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