Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Items and Important Info!

Heyyyy Jammers! Its Mister here.

Well, we all know that they're has been many new forms of the Royal Garden, and the most recent is:
Ice Garden. :D

Also, We know everyone around Jamaa, and Jamaa it's self is getting Ready for Lucky Day.
So Jamaa brought out this pretty sick Clover Cape, In Bahari Bargains for 450 gems. 
Pretty Obvious Note: Only used Underwater.

Also, It seems Jamaa can't keep up with how many Present-Day countries they're are so almost everyday theres a new flag for a country no one has heard of, For instance today was:
Mongolia! That's actually a pretty fun name to say...xD

Well, Jammers I sorry that I didn't listen to your votes,
But in the sidebar, you voted on what username I should be. Well I don't even know why I put "I like it the way it is" in there, but that ended up getting the most votes. In second, was XxFreeSpiritxX , So that will be my new user in exactly a week, When on MisterArcticClaw will expire.  So please add her, or send me a jamagram so I remember to add you. :)

I hope to SY'IJ,
MisterArcticClaw/ XxFreeSpiritxX

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