Monday, March 05, 2012

Shout Outs!

Heyyyy Jammers! Its Mister here.

Ello, Jammers! I'm going to make a list of shout outs to jammers, and I will update them when I think of more.

1. Shout out to General VonWolf Now found out to be: Nachtdervolfe12345, who is currently a top commenter on here and taught me how to do the den glitch, I made a new  user, ChinUp it's called and am working on making it. Although I don't know his user, We do Appreciate him!

2. Shout out DaisyGal54..One of the nicest jammers ever, btw thanks for the fox hat! :3 She also happens to be a blog viewer, but even a better friend although I just met her today.

3. Shout out to Glados135, I'm so sorry I didn't do that trade btw, but she is the best friend anyone could ever have. She has always been my inspiration since I first joined animal jam on October 13th, 2011. :3

4. Shout to DolphinGirl7, who added me quite a wile ago, but when I faced those mean users (posts below) she was there, and felt so sorry for me. She is also a heck of a friend and gives me rare advice.

5. Shout out to BigMac215, I sorry for calling you a scammer and miss our friendship, too :C

6. Shout out to [Not to be said Beta Jammer, (Post below)] He is such a great friend, and an inspiration for all of us for his modesty and more, thank you _____!

7. Shout out to....Pikachu333 and LegoMaster0300 for being there when Silverstein ditched me and hurt me for days, I appreciate you guys and thanks for still being my friend, and taking silver's place. It means a lot.

8. Shout out to GINGERPAWZ! Girl, I love you (in a friend way). You the best friend ever, and are always there for me. Im sorry for kicking you out that one time, it was not the right thing. You introduced me to lovelost, and are just so amazing in indescribable ways. -Applause- Thank ya, Ginger.

9. Shout out to...Looker88 thanks for being there when no one else was, and always very friendly and tradable :3

10. Shout out to..Olive334! I sorry for missing you birthday, and I hope the huge party helped. She's awesome and has been my best friend since my only rare was a flag..a.k.a. one month ago.

11.Shout out to...Rh111, friendliest jammer ever award, I swear. Always gives me rare advice and is just that kind of guy who can cheer ya up when silverstein brings ya down!

12. Shout out to...Soul25! He's always been there, since I was a flag only jammer. He's always happy and a lot like Rh111.

13. Shout out to...Magic797! I can't thank you enough for trading me the bestest top hat in the whole wide world, and for letting me keep it although you wanted to trade back. Also, thanks for taking me gazelles away! LOLOLOLOL jk...It was a good trade!

14. SHOUT OUT TO CRYSTAL82. Girl, I miss ya. I'm sorry for overreacting and if any of you blog readers out there see her, tell her I want her back and to talk to Mac asap! :'''C

15. Shout out to...Spotlight101! Most random jammer award, by far! Btw..I got yuhr mcdonalds! :D

16. Shout out to...VisualEffects! Thanks for being so freaking nice to me, even tho I ain't even close to how rare you are. And thanks for answering all my random questions about France, and well you know.
Dude, you awesome!

17. Shout out to...Stallion1! SQUISHY BABY! You da best, you help me on trades, accepted me as a squishy and we throw the best bunny hopping parties EVER!! XD

18. UnicornHeart202!! Girl, why don't we talk no more? We used to be best friends! I miss ya D':

19. Me other squishy, XxRawrxX! Please don't quit..You'll let your squishes down..:C I can't loose you, your most spunky jammer, and just all around amazing.  You can't let Tiger05430, Stallion1 and I, your squishes down! 

20. Shout out to...Avril70! Friend since I was a flag only jammer. I love how we met just cause I said I like Avril Lavigne, too. You've always been there, when I was not, and i'm sorry for that. Twinsie, we should talk more.

21.Shout out to...CoolSpeed10! You added me, and now he's always joyful to be around and ALSO gives me rare advice. Yeah, Im pretty awful at deciding what to do on trades, I know. Also, Hackin' awesome freedom wings, Fred would say!

Okay guys, that's all for now, I'll continue them l8er, when I have energy.

Btw, awesome blog I found by snowwolf900: Here's her blog, Jammers!




  1. Heyo Mister! It's Alright You Didn't Do The Trade, There Is Always Another Chance :3 You Are Truly A Great Friend!

    ~Your Friend

    1. Thank you, Glados! Please please please vote on my username poll, because I am so stuck. I'm trying to get a hold of everybody who I gave a shout out too xD

      Also, Your friend,
      Btw SYIJ,


  2. Wow, this is an honor. Thank you. And I did vote on the username poll.

    1. Ello, General! I am appalled you call it an honor, because to me it's only my small lil blog. But thank you for the jamagram, and I would like to meet you at my den sometime!

      I better SYIJ,


    2. I know wht u mean about Silverstein always bringing u down. Yesterday she scammed my pink toppy. :c she always scams people by trying to get people to let her " try on an item" she walks in with a different account and does a trade with herself. Thts how she gets people to believe her. Her scamming my pink toppy really hurt me. But I traded ALL my rares for another toppy. :c WHY SILVERSTEIN!!!!!!! ~ a crying Anakin1190

    3. @ anonymous
      Did you comment on Feeler's blog? That sounds so familiar for some reason...

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Lol! Well I don't be sorry! I'm just saying it's cool how my little blog can mean so much to someone like you. Make sure to send me a jamagram when your on, General! :D


    2. ummmmmmmmmmmmm awesome blog

  4. Yes! I finally got a google account and a blog! I've been waiting for so long!

  5. Freespirit ur so nice i cant belive u posted tht about me!!! it makes me feel special to be known by u and tht u posted tht? wow i have 2 say ur awesome!

  6. Hey! :3 I'm ElysaFyre, on Animal Jam, and I love your blog. :D

  7. i wish i could get a shout out not like it would pop one up if i say my user is doogal

  8. Hey mister plz r eplyto diz but sorry bout sum1 copying u :\


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