Thursday, March 08, 2012

ALERT! :New items and our Jammer of the week's beard got scammed!

Heyyyy Jammers! Its Mister here.

Well, first of all you all probably know the new items that came out:

Cannon balls and pile of snowballs, I wonder why AJ chose NOW to bring snow items out, but brought out an old barn den in January?

This is amazingly epic, and unfortunately also expensive :L

Also, Lucky Party music and Deep blue Music.
The Jammer Anthem is also on Clearence.


Rh111, our first Jammer of the week's Yellow beard got scammed! 
Lemonfreeze12 Scammed Rh111's CREAM BEARD!!!! Hes Even Wearing It. Rh Was Gonna Let Him Borrow It Then He Deleted Rh and Ran! Report This Scammer Now!!!

Poor Rh111, but let's help him celebrate jammer of the week, and track and ban this jammer!
The top tab to Jammer of the week is at the top, also you can click HERE.

Well, Jammers that's all I got for now,

1 comment:

  1. Lemon Freeze IS rh he admitted it and said the thought it would b funny but it backfired


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