Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Party && Rare leaf?

Heyyyy Jammers! Its Mister here.

Ello Jammers! Well you already know about the leap year party, Im way surprised and disappointed.
Heres why:

Plus' +-

- Great Rares for future trading
- Gives great non member items for a cheap price
- Makes people feel rare

Minus' - -

- Same shape as rares
- Called 'Rare _____' Even tho they aren't rare
- Will confuse jammers

Anyways,  I came across this rare leaf color in best dressed. There is also a rare light leaf color. I wonder why best dressed is making so many phony item colors that didn't exist...or did they?

Well that's all I really got for now.
I'll see you all in Jamaa! Make sure to say Hi!


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