Monday, January 23, 2012

Spike Glitch!

Hey Jammers!

I found a glitch! All you need is a wolf, royal blanket but I guess heart or clover would work too, and a spiked collar. Wear your blanket and spiked collar and just step northwest and then the spike seems to be going through the blanket! Not much, but funny! :D

Thanks to Chris59786 
he helped me discover it! 

I tried it out too:
On Blue clover
Purple Royal

And yellow (just for kicks)

See ya later!


  1. i think you should do a section called all about... and put intresting stuff there

  2. Can you help me get a spike, mine was hacked along with my other items! Red, Blue, Grey, or Green I would like. My Tail Armor, Freedom Cape, Freedom Bands, Giant Lion plushie, Princess Throne, RARE Rain cloud, (and some others I forgot). You don't have to help me with everything, JUST A SPIKE. T^T Please, I'm trying to get all the items I lost BACK! I was hacked, scammed, and bullied all the time in the past, but this is just ridiculous, hacking! I love your blog, hope you post more fun and amazing things! P.S if you are going to help me, then just send me a jam a gram saying so and I'll buddy you. Thank you. I don't want this not to be approved! T^T

  3. Cool blog!! Lol Your really cool XD!!! Buddy me please, my user is Nowthepartystarts You are awesome!!!

  4. please get me a spike!! it would be really nice of you!! please if you have any extra!?owe please! love, artaz6 thanks!

  5. please get me a pink long rare spike and a pink long wristband please.i want it cause im not to rare and some times i might accidently trade good things for bad things which sucks. myy username is angelina3360


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