Saturday, January 28, 2012

Attack of the Eyeballs and moreeee.!

Haii Jammers!
 Sorry I haven't posted ....:/
Well heres some glitches!
Where did my tail (dolphin) GO?! and see how my name goes over the twin love birds? LOL xD

Okay quick explaintioon:
We can only wear 4 items, back, head, neck and legs. Well long long ago in beta times (read old post for about beta) there was tail items in the first 3 weeks or so  of aj. THESE ITEMS ARE ULTA RARE. More rare then freedom wings, nm bat wings, works (duh). Well This is a skully tail item. There is also I tail item called Elf Tail Amoror. I searched it on google, keyword: animal jam rare skully. Well this item came up that pizzadrop has it. Well I don't know if he still does, but I just know he has epic rares. Apparently he posted on his blog that he has one...

Simple glitch that happens over a lot of items. Well see my phantom rug in the bottom left corner...? I traded it and want another one. Please comment with your username if you have one!

This glitch happens to everyone. When you want to switch places, this comes up. Either the background stays the same or everyone disappears. Don't worry, theres nothing wrong with your computer. Just aj :/

Okay if someone is not your buddy, and you want to see if they are still on, you can search them. Check if the trade and game symbols are still up. Its usually right, but sometimes lies :/. Okay well in this case....enough said. Ones on, ones off?!

If you have an eyeball hat, comment asap! We need more members!

Well first just for kicks here is a beta eyeball :D

Theres king, who got scammed.

We are practicing :)

Glitch: Check out the ears! Thru an eyeball? Awkward...

Secret (not so much) Meeting place!

Okay well thats it. Not really. Okay I am really desperate for a viking so please comment if you have one!

See ya in Jamaa!


  1. Lol!Awesome! I was there too!
    My name's Countess but my user's
    DarkDra4290O0!I was reading manga when that happened.....Please visit my blog thank u!

  2. I got a viking you can have :D

  3. Hey I remeber beta times and the beta eyeball. I never bought it cause I didn't like now i wish i did :( Anyways i wish we still had three level houses sometimes. PLease buddy me i'm happypets :)


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