Monday, January 23, 2012

Random stuff about AJ and moI!

This is the character I use most often!

My new old barn den! :D

Bottom floor! 
Hiiii! Well Sorry I haven't posted in a wile although like no one reads this until it gets on AJ hq! Well I want to post about my aj! So here are some pictures!

Okay well In the old barn den, Much like the Gingerbread house from last month's Aj membership monthly gift, The floor and walls change to match the theme of the barn. For example, In the gingerbread house, the floors and walls are they same patterns but in Candy! (how fun!) So in the old barn, Everything is western! Here are some pictures. In mine, the walls are bat walls from october and the floor is the rare nm wooden floor. I have two so trade me!

This is the slime wall and lava floor.

Slime wall and stone floor.

Star wall and brown carpet.

Pink floor and dusty walls. 

I wonder what brick walls would look like....I want them SO bad!

Okay well since I am new and love trading I want to show you guys everything I own!
Also I have storage users, my main ones are: IncredibleSpiritBelle, WolfyStoleMyUserOhNo, MisterArcticClawsstorageuser2012. Add them If your want to be buddies with me since I don't have any room.

Okay I really want to request for a new user name so..what do you think? 
I like Rawrr. and Xx's.
Hmmm...what should I post noww? Once I get a new Idea I will post.
Please comment if you are reading so I know. Thankxx!



  1. Okz well u have a lot of stuff and ur den is not lame!!! And do u want to know about my rares?? I have 2nm bat wings and a few worns.. If u want to trade buddy me!!


  2. Oh and you know those flags in the background?? My fried designed them!! SO COOL xD


  3. Awesome! I would actually want nm bat wings and a green worn! Do you have a red or blue worn? That'd be sweet! :D

  4. Oh and what is your username? I can't find a jammailday jam user....:/

  5. If u wanna username.... how about CAKESLICESGORAWR


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