Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Glitches, Glitches and More Glitches

Ayee Jammers!

Well here is some more cool stuff like glitches:

Okay so this was really awkward. Here is my regular character as you all know.
And here is the character I wanted to change into...

Okay now look at this I changed into IncredibleMagicEyes...BUT IT LIKE COMBINED BOTH OF THEM?!?! WHAT HAPPENED?! -__- Lol..

Okay so here is Me in the bottom corner...(sorry bad pictures.) But I clicked out of the changing colors (not really fast on purpose) And it randomly still had the little "Change Colors" Icon..:/

Well My friend Showed me this next glitch...Sorry I can't do it because I don't have to ocean animals. Well go over where I am In Crystal reef.
Then change animals....and click on top of ladder...

Then you'll be where my friend, Prancing is. :D Cool, right?!
(No need to Explain ;D)

Well a lot of Jammers already no this glitch but its pretty fun...

So stand where I am

Change animals..

And click right over here, left side of arch on Canyons Pathway towards Coral Canyons.  Its pretty fun :D

Okay thats all I have for now! SYIJ!

1 comment:

  1. I love the canyons pathway glitch! It may seem boring, but it could be great for RPing!


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